The Importance of celebrating 2014 Jubilee Passover with the dedicating of Firstborns to God

Nations cannot experience true liberty unless the forces that keep them in bondage are judged. The judgments that led to the deliverance of Israel from enslavement reached the height in the first month of Nisan and they were 11 in all. The last two judgments on Egypt were in the month divinely designated “as the beginning of months for Israel.” God killed the firstborns of Egypt after Israel ate the Passover Lamb on the 14th day of Nisan – Exodus 12:21-­‐23; 11:4-­‐7; 12:28-­‐31.

The firstborns are the beginning of a family or a nation’s strength. The firstborns are carriers of the dominion mandate and they were the most likely ones to perpetuate the bondage their fathers’ placed on Israel. The Egyptian firstborns were destroyed in the first month.

Do not begin to plant new structures and set up fresh systems without uprooting the old structures and the systems of the enemy which could oppose your future – Jeremiah 1:10

Foundations are laid in the season of new beginnings. Nisan is the beginning of months in Israel and the constellation of the stars of Aries are declaring that Jesus is the Lamb that was slain but prepared for victory signified by His death on the cross 1Corinthians 3:11. In all these things God was establishing a principle of laying solid and sustainable foundations in the season of new beginnings.

To consecrate the firstborns in the season of Nisan signifies the proclamation and enforcement of the glory of the firstborns. Firstborns are:

  • Prophetic standard bearers i.e. they set standards for others to follow Exodus 22: 29-­‐31.
  • Divine agents for establishing the beginning principle. Firstborns have the capacity to establish the beginning principle whenever there is a controversy Genesis 25:6-­‐7.
  • Pioneers, Pathfinders and Creative Innovators e.g. 21of the 23 astronauts sent into space by the USA were firstborns.
  • Carriers of Kingdom Glory and Dominion Mandate. Firstborns are leaders and this is a dominion mandate upon every first born. They carry divine grace for exhibiting decorum, nobility, majesty and self-­‐respect 2Chronicles 21:3.
  • Carriers of Excellency of Dignity and Might. There is spiritual excellence that should proceed from firstborns. They are supposed to be noted for might and divine strength. Genesis 49:3
  • They are symbols of everything precious and valuable. They are symbols of value because they carry a dominion mandate and are the excellence of God’s dignity and might Micah 6:7.
  • Representatives of the highest of the Kings of the Earth. You may not be the first-­‐born but you represent the highest of the kings of the earth Psalm 89:20, 27.
  • Sample seeds of the Church of the Firstborn registered in heaven. The Apostle Paul calls them members of the Church of the firstborns registered in heaven Hebrews 12:22-­‐24

The prophetic grace on firstborns is so strong that if every family proclaims these words over their firstborns in the season appointed for such a proclamation, the travails of many firstborns will be turned into triumphs. The first month of Nisan is a strategic time to turn around the destiny of firstborns. It is an auspicious season to activate the stars in the constellations of Aries to declare the glory of the Lamb of God Jesus Christ-­‐ the greatest firstborn that ever lived.


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