SALT Course Outline

An outline of the courses in the SALT training programme.

  1. The Call of Leadership
  2. Leadership Concepts and the Servant Leadership model
  3. The Preparation of A Leader
  4. Leadership Styles
  5. Character and Heart Qualifications of a Leader
  6. Servant Leadership and Power Motivation
  7. Handling Conflict and Opposition
  8. Developing an Organizational Climate that Encourages Creativity
  9. Handling the Test of Success and Promotion
  10. Strategic Planning
  11. Women in Leadership
  12. Choosing the Right Person for the Right Job
  13. Understanding the Source, Power and Influence of Thrones I
  14. Motivating Excellence
  15. Leadership Development
  16. Intercession and Spiritual Warfare for Leaders
  17. Team Building
  18. Past and Prophetic Future of Africa
  19. Organizational Accountability
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