Praying for Peace in the Great Lakes Region

The dark spiritual forces that have instigated and perpetuated war in the Great Lakes Region over the centuries are at it again. Two countries that are very interconnected with each other are at the verge of armed conflict. In the DRC despite the Ebola epidemic, armed groups continue to wreck havoc on the helpless population. This is not the plan of God’s Kingdom, rather a program from the kingdom of darkness whose agenda is to “steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10).

This is a rallying call to Intercessors and all burdened to see God’s will unfold in our region to look beyond the personalities, news headlines, national sentiments, and ethnic allegiances, to see what the kingdom of darkness is intending to reap from conflicts in this region. There would be no winners in a brawl between Uganda and Rwanda; or at least the “winner” will still come out badly battered and bruised. Another cycle of generational conflict would also be opened up.

Let us join hands and hearts to pray across national, ethnic and religious divides, that both the covert and simmering conflicts in the Great Lakes region will cease. The unseen forces behind these conflicts that arise periodically under different guises, and end up shading much innocent blood, are wicked spiritual forces that work through human greed, egos, interests, and weaknesses to propagate their agenda. Both Prophet Daniel and Apostle John were shown spirits (referred to as beasts) coming out of the waters to stir up war on earth (see Daniel 7:1-3 and Revelation 9:13-16). The water spirits worshipped at our water bodies: lakes, rivers, streams, and swamps must be carrying out the same agenda in our times.

Psalm 68:30,31
Rebuke the beasts that dwell among the reeds, the herd of bulls with the calves of the peoples.
Trample underfoot those who lust after tribute; scatter the peoples who delight in war.
Nobles shall come from Egypt;
Cush shall hasten to stretch out her hands to God.

  • Pray that God will rebuke the wicked water spirits that stir up war (reeds are found in swamps). Beseech the Lord to deliver the Great Lakes Region from the hands of these vicious demonic spirits (beasts) and all that they are using to scheme and plot violence against this region. Ask the Lord to rescue the Great Lakes Region from both the demonic spirits that inspire violence and their human agents.
  • Let’s appeal to God who knows the hearts of all men, hears all that is said, and sees all that is planned and done in secret, that He will strongly step into this situation and silence the drums of war.
  • Ask the Lord to trample underfoot those that lust after making money out of wars whichever part of the world they are seated in (some live in other continents). (Psalm 69:22-25)
  • Pray that God will scatter all who delight in war (with total disregard for the suffering that war brings on the ordinary people).
  • Pray that cool heads will prevail. Ask God to raise up peacemakers in the conflicts in this region.
  • Ask the Lord to frustrate all the schemes of the Kingdom of darkness in our region and let His Kingdom plans and agenda prevail.
  • Pray for the DRC that has seen endless conflict that God will intervene in pacifying this troubled nation and bring an end to the armed groups that have not allowed the country to settle but rather turned it into an enclave of pillage and rebellion.

National Coordinator

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