The Africa Kingdom Business Forum was founded by the leadership of the Africa House of Prayer (AHOP) following a revelation that arose from the AHOP Prayer Conference held in Pretoria in March 2005 which highlighted the gaps regarding the role of Christians in bringing Biblical principles into the marketplace.

AKBF (Uganda) Chapter under the auspices of Intercessors for Uganda was then set up in April 2005 to address the challenges facing Christians in becoming relevant and meaningful in the work place.

Department Objectives:

  • To mobilize, train and discipline Christian business persons to master biblical business principles
  • To provide information and skills to encourage innovation, creativity and strategic thinking among Christian entrepreneurs
  • To promote a saving culture among the trainees and AKBF alumni
  • To network and build strategic linkages among Christian business persons
  • To set up an active prayer base to support Christians in the workplace

Program consists of interactive learning, problem solving, peer-to-peer mentoring, personal reading, plenary sessions and application of principles to business practice. Participants will come together for a face-to-face meeting with facilitators for two and quarter hours once a week for twenty-seven weeks.

In addition there will be course work. Participants are divided into cohort learning groups that they keep for the duration of the course. Participants have opportunity to apply what they are learning to their work situations and complete some written assignments.


  1. Course Orientation
  2. The Call to the Market Place
  3. The Importance and Meaning of Integrity
  4. The Place and Power of Vision
  5. Values and Foundation of Integrity
  6. Intercession and Spiritual Warfare for Business
  7. Conscience: the Inner Compass to Keep us on the Track of Integrity
  8. An overview of various Business Models (Part 1) 14/7/09 SALT WEEK
  9. Personal Accountability 28/7/09 An overview of various
  10. Business Models (Part 2)
  11. Motivation and Rewards for Integrity 11/8/09 The Biblical Work Ethic
  12. Leading with Integrity
  13. Customer Care & Marketing Using Kingdom Principles
  14. Money and Stewardship 8/9/09 Time Management
  15. Debt and Contentment
  16. Taxation 6/10/09 Financial Policies Procedures and Statements
  17. The Mystery of Commercial Babylon
  18. Financial Planning and Budgeting
  19. The Future of Money and Investments
  20. In the Business World But Not of It
  21. Biblical Investments in the Last Days
  22. Testimony from Christians in the Market Place



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