The Prophetic Significance of 2013

Time is like a seamless garment that flows uninterrupted. Its gateways are linked in an unbroken tripartite chain. The past is connected to the present and the present is linked to the future. The trends associated with 2012 are intricately linked with 2013 in unique and amazing ways.

Twelve is the number of divine power, rule and authority. It is symbolic of the restoration of Heaven’s models and systems of government. It represents the manifestation of God’s dominion mandate to man on earth. Efforts to restore Heaven’s divine power, rulership and governmental authority in 2012 will be vehemently challenged in 2013. This is because the number 13 and the 13th year are diametrically opposed to all the number 12 and the 12th year stand for.

The Prophetic Significance of the Number 13
The number 13 is abundantly manifest in scripture. It represents:

  • Predominance of sin and sinfulness
  • Prevalence of rebellion, resistance and revolutions
  • Presence of the ill-omen of deception, defection and disintegration
  • Prominence of apathy and appalling apostasy

From the character of the number thirteen, the prognosis of 2013 is already clear. It will be an unusually turbulent season, especially for those opposed to the order that heavenly systems represent. However, for those who trust in the Lord, 2013 will be an intensive time of spiritual warfare that will culminate into incredible triumph.

Download  the PDF extracted from Dr. Steve Ogan’s book, ‘The Prophetic Significance of 2012; With Insights into 2013’

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  1. dear Rico, may peace, grace, kindness and mercy, long life, ample nouesihmrnt and salvation from the Father who is in heaven be upon you, the kohen, who teaches Torah. We are so blessed that YHVH teaches us a lot through you. May He bless you for all the effort and time you put into it. Yes you are right not everybody has the time to study as much as you do, but we benefit from what the Father teaches you. Thank you! Keep going!!

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