The Sundoulous African Leadership Training (SALT) is a leadership development program that aims to build leaders who will discern the redemptive purpose of God for their communities. The program that was launched in Uganda in December 2006 targets leaders in the public arena as well as those who have the prospect and potentials for rising to leadership positions in our nation.  Sundoulous (Greek) means fellow servants of the same Lord as used in Matthew 18:28. It is a program designed to train, raise, encourage and improve servant leaders for our nation at all levels of public life.

The SALT programme was born out of a word that the Lord spoke in August 1997 to Barrister Emeka Nwankpa, the Coordinator of Intercessors for Africa to which Intercessors for Uganda is affiliated. During a period of prayer in Addis Ababa, two days before the Africa Prayer Convocation organised by Tom Hess of Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations started, the Lord told him,

You and your friends have prayed for Africa for twenty-one years, but you have problems that prayer alone cannot solve. The foundations of your nations were not laid with the Scriptures and you do not have servant leaders in government. The leaders you have do not know how to apply biblical dynamics to governance. As he pondered what to do with this word, he received an instruction, You need to train them.

The programme, which operates under the auspices of Intercessors for Uganda, currently partners with Development Associates International, an organisation dedicated to raising servant leaders worldwide for the Kingdom of God.

The servant leadership model exemplified by the Lord Jesus Christ is the central organizing paradigm for the program, which has since 2007, graduated 5 classes and has Alumni of over 584 students at the end of 5 years.


Program will consist of interactive learning, problem solving, peer to peer mentoring, personal reading, plenary sessions and application of principles to practical leadership situations. The course will focus on both the heart and art of leadership with a biblical basis as written in Psalm 78:72. So he (David) shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them by the skillfulness of his hands.

Participants will come together for a face to face meeting with facilitators for two hours once a week during the twenty two week period. In addition there will be course work. Participants will be divided into cohort learning groups which they will keep for the duration of the course. Participants will have opportunity to apply what they are learning to their current leadership roles as well as complete some written assignments.

Participants will be expected to:

  • Attend and participate in the weekly face to face sessions. A register of attendance will be kept.
  • Complete assignments: both the individual study and written assignments
  • Actively participate in the cohort learning group.
  • Participants who miss sessions will be required to purchase and watch the DVD recordings of the missed session and also to carry out the given assignment.
  • The expected primary outcomes for each participant will be:
  1. A thorough understanding of servanthood in the biblical and historic context.
  2. A personal assessment and appropriation of the foundational principles of servanthood.
  3. A comprehensive application to your present and future leadership careers.

An outline of the courses in the SALT training programme.

  1. The Call of Leadership
  2. Leadership Concepts and the Servant Leadership model
  3. The Preparation of A Leader
  4. Leadership Styles
  5. Character and Heart Qualifications of a Leader
  6. Servant Leadership and Power Motivation
  7. Handling Conflict and Opposition
  8. Developing an Organizational Climate that Encourages Creativity
  9. Handling the Test of Success and Promotion
  10. Strategic Planning
  11. Women in Leadership
  12. Choosing the Right Person for the Right Job
  13. Understanding the Source, Power and Influence of Thrones I
  14. Motivating Excellence
  15. Leadership Development
  16. Intercession and Spiritual Warfare for Leaders
  17. Team Building
  18. Past and Prophetic Future of Africa
  19. Organizational Accountability


  1. How can I cause the training to happen in my district of Kitgum?
    Pr Brian Vincent Odokonyero

  2. Thank you for the ministry, training leaders for this nation and beyond. Glory to our God.

    When is the next in take 2024?

  3. Thank you for this program. I did in 2018( 14th April-24th June. This month I felt convicted to revise the book and it’s amazing. Am sure God is up to something.

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