Our focus on Israel is based on these questions, which are explicitly answered in the Bible.

  • Do nations still have a role in God’s redemptive plan for mankind?
  • Has the church replaced Israel as God’s chosen people?
  • What obligations do Christians have toward Israel and her restoration?
  • Special relationship between Israel and Africa as seen in the Scriptures.



  • Provide a forum for praying for Israel, Jerusalem and Jews all over the world.
  • Teaching to bring understanding on why believers have a call to pray for and stand up for Israel.
  • Promote friendship with Israel.
  • Raise support for initiatives to bring Jews back to their land.
  • Organize prayer trips to Israel.


  1. Brother Edward,
    Perhaps we also need to begin Lobbying, Activism, Advocacy and Pro-Israel Apologetics and Engagements at National, Africa level and at the UN

    #Policy & Legal Issues

    Let me hear your thoughts

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