A Global Upper Room: 120 Cities, 10 Days of 24/7 prayer in a spirit of John 17 unity Sept 19-28, 2020

The Background: 10 Days is a movement of prayer, fasting, and repentance in unity based on the 10 “Days of Awe”.  Since 2004, we’ve grown from being “just an idea” to having about 70 cities around the globe in 2019 as part of this global prayer movement.

Ultimate Vision: Our long-term vision is to see whole cities stop for 10 entire days to repent and recognize the worth of Jesus Christ  in preparation for the Lord’s return, but we believe this begins with believers setting themselves apart for prayer and fasting in a spirit of John 17 unity (the Upper Room).  In its fullness, 10 Days is “The Upper Room” (Acts 1-2) meets “Ninevah” (Jonah 4).

The 120 in 2020 Vision:

120 “Upper Rooms” gatherings in cities around the globe during the Days of Awe (Sept 19-28)

  • Modeled on Acts Chapter 1
  • Each Upper Room would commit to pray and worship “Continually” (24/7 Prayer) and in “one accord” with five or more partnering churches or organizations praying together
  • We will connect as many of these “upper rooms” as possible by means of streaming video technology

120,000 individuals signing up for the 10 Days Consecration Challenge (Sept 19-28)

The “10 Days Consecration Challenge” includes four elements:

  • 10 Days of fasting food at some level (Daniel, Juice, Water, or just eating one meal/day)
  • Taking time off from work for the purpose of prayer
  • #10daysoff from Social Media and Entertainment
  • 10 Days devoted to prayer, worship, and repentance with their families and other believers.

Friday Prayer and Teaching

June 12-September 18 2020 from 6pm-8pm East African Time (EAT)

Hour 1: Prayer together focused on THE RETURN Solemn Assembly (Sept 26, TheReturn.org)

Hour 2: Live teaching and trainings with new speakers each week on topics related to 10 Days

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For more about 10 Days visit www.10days.net